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Roxanne Kiely bio ASONG Chairperson
President - Songsalive! Australia
Born and raised in a musical family in New Zealand, and writing songs from the age of seven, Roxanne Kiely has made, and continues to make a marked contribution to the music industry as a vocal coach, songwriter and performer. In 1997, Roxanne co-founded the not-for-profit song writing organisation, Songsalive! and is President of the newly-inaugurated Songsalive! Australia.
Peter Scully bio ASONG Vice Chairperson
Chairman of The Songwriting Society of Australia
As President of the Songwriting Society of Australia ( SSA ) I have essentially taken on a mentoring role to help others fulfill their desire to write and perform their own songs for a range of purposes right through to those with professional aspirations. This work is a great joy and the passion of my life.
Denny Burgess bio ASONG Vice Chairperson
Chairman of the Australian Songwriters Association Inc.
Previously on the National Board of the Music Managers Forum (MMF), Denny is currently Chairman of the Australian Songwriters Association (ASA), Vice Chairman and honorary Treasurer of the Association of Artists Managers (AAM). He now heads Denny Burgess Management and Regal Records, an independent label that explored the South-East Asian market in the 90's and these days releases young original bands.

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