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Welcome to the the Australian Songwriters Official National Group (ASONG Ltd.).
We are a non-profit company, limited by guarantee, established to encourage and support development of Australian songwriters.

The Listening Campaign

We want to get to know people who are supporting songwriters and receive the benefit of their knowledge of the industry as well as any other relevant information that will help us help Australian song writers and composers.

Consequently, we are conducting this project-based policy program called the Listening Campaign and contacting all the National songwriting organisations to identify specific areas within the Australian music industry which need to be addressed.

We'd also like to have the input of all music industry people, so as to gain a broader perspective on where the industry is at, and where it needs to be headed.

If you have the time we would like you to take part in The Listening Campaign.

To help spotlight the extraordinary decision by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in 2010, to set the quota of Australian music on the commercial digital network over the next three years at zero percent, ASONG held an open forum on Wednesday, May 17, 2011 at APRA|AMCOS.

Australia's digital radio future - Meeting the challenge - photos Click here or the graphic above to see photos of the event.

Padcast audio transcripts of the forum:
  1. Welcome by ASONG Director Roxanne Kiely

  2. Introduction by ASONG Director Denny Burgess

  3. Michael Smith - Associate Editor Drum magazine

  4. Daniel Driscoll - ABC Producer

  5. Matthew Donlevy - M.D. Peer Music Publishing

  6. Nicole BZ - Exec Dir. Assoc. of Artist Managers

  7. Dean Ormston - Corporate Services APRA

  8. Q & A Part 1

  9. Q & A Part 2

  10. Q & A Part 3

  11. Q & A Part 4
Find out more about the forum's panellists: Representatives of the Commercial Radio Stations Association (CRA) and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) were invited to attend, but declined.

Need to get up-to-speed on what this is all about?
Check the links on our page about Australian radio content quotas which address not only this issue, but the broader history of local content on australian commercial and non-commercial networks.

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ASONG was successfully launched on 21st April, 2009 at APRA|AMCOS.

Guests were welcomed to the launch by ASONG Directors Roxanne Kiely, Denny Burgess and Peter Scully, as well as APRA CEO, Brett Cottle and ASONG's patron, Glenn A. Baker

View a selection of photos from the event.

ASONG has been created to act as an umbrella structure to build upon and extend the foundations laid down by the respective Australian songwriting member organisations.

Australian songwriters can now benefit from having a unified group which, while comprising elements of its independent members, will connect and strengthen their voice in the music industry.

ASONG has already begun to extend the links between songwriters and publishers, live music venues, governing bodies at local, state and federal levels, as well as all facets of the media, from radio and television, to emerging technologies, such as online content providers and telecommunication devices.

This is an exciting period for Australian songwriters, who provide the content that drives the Australian music industry. ASONG's collaborative leadership will contribute to stronger, deeper and more effective relations between all those who help create the soundtrack to the world in which we live.

Whether you are in a band, a solo songwriter/composer, publisher or are involved with entertainment media in any way, please feel free to contact ASONG, via our Contact page, to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals, while helping others to do the same.

A copy of ASONG's constitution is available here

Board of Directors

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